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Company Profile

What is  LF-TEAM

LF-TEAM is a customer-focused Translation Company providing professional technical and business translations for from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Finnish into Russian, and vise versa.

Markets and Customers: For over nineteen years LF-TEAM specializes in serving manufactures and technical equipment sellers from developed European countries, as well as their Moscow or St-Petersburg divisions. Currently we have customers from fifteen European countries, who work in various technologically advanced industries.


LF-TEAM is a reasonable size company, with never more than fifteen people in management and supporting services. Although, due to its high-quality database of technical translators with backgrounds in the required variety of industries, LF-TEAM is capable of processing up to two thousand pages a month, and additionally two or three extra projects of several hundred pages each. Perfectly developed internal procedures and quality management allow to reach high performance and to meet toughest deadlines at the same time.


The LF-TEAM mission is “providing most accurate delivery of technical and related information involved in equipment & technology exchange between countries”.

Brief History

LF-TEAM shows a perfect example of a "self-made" company. Begun in 2001, rapidly having risen important experience, in several years it had evolved into a modern, dynamic enterprise with effective, highly-qualified staff and an extensive database of subject-related translators and editors, 80% of whom possess technical degrees in industry or science & technology.

In 2011 company re-arranged its activity implementing modern “Remote office” technology, where employees are awarded an opportunity to do most of the work from home, internal meetings in person taking place several times a month.

Today LF-TEAM is a mature business and attractive employer to work for. It occupies strong position in the market, and is recognized among its several hundred customers as responsible and reliable partner with excellent service level and solid area of expertise.