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Language Pairs

LF-TEAM provides translations for language pairs:

The company’s strong point is translating INTO the Russian language, as 100% of the translators are Russian native speakers. This is the reason why for example, LF-TEAM undertakes translations from the Finnish language, but not into Finnish.


LF-TEAM masters widest range of document types:

Please do not hesitate to inquire about the materials that interest you!

Free Glossaries for every Customer

How Glossaries are made and used:

LF-TEAM is consistently working on accumulating glossaries for all our customers. Glossary is a list of specific or unique terminology items important for the Customer’s business. Once fixed by us, they are further on used in all translations for this Customer to avoid variations in translating the Customer’s key terminology.

In LF-TEAM glossaries are hand-made and hand-checked, which proves their high validity and preciousness.
The glossary is passed on to each translator on condition he follows and enlarges the glossary, while each authorized editor checks and corrects the glossary simultaneously with proofreading the translation.


All glossaries are strictly Customer-related and are kept and used with absolute confidentiality.

Effective cooperation with Customers

The most precious contribution to glossary building  is made by our customers when they check and correct the glossary making it ideal for further use. Such participation is encouraged by awarding a better translation price for this Customer on permanent base.

This privileged pricing is also possible when Customers provide help in translating their difficult terminology in any other suitable form: consulting, their own glossaries, extra proofreading by Customer's specialists, productive feedback with advice in terminology use, etc.

Related services

Our Company hires professional DTP specialists who work with all well-known graphic formats and will make the translated material look the way you need.

We also offer separate proofreading or editing materials in the Russian language upon your request, and interpreting at your events within St-Petersburg and the region.