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Translation Resources

Translation resources of LF-TEAM are highly reliable: degree-holders from technical or other required faculties, often with experience of work in the required industry. The best translators stay with LF-TEAM for years, rising their experience and competence.

The skilled DTP specialists working with the latest mainline text and graphic formats will make your document after translation a perfect copy of the original.

Intelligent outsourcing together with established technology and quality management provide grounds for best performance: year after year we observe high figures of appreciation among our customers from our annual satisfaction surveys.

Strong Management

In LF-TEAM we are determined to treat the Customers as our best friends, because we really feel that way. This attitude to the customers is the first difference we make. The other difference is our personnel policy.

LF-TEAM has a clear and reasonable structure. With the management & supporting staff of never more than fifteen, and about two hundred  freelance contractors, ability to handle dozens of projects, often under pressure, means strong and intelligent management.

As LF-TEAM deals with customers from many countries and from variety of industries and businesses, non standard situations arise quite often. Only properly trained and highly dedicated employees are able to cope with changeable business environment and diverse customer’s demands. After the carefully chosen new staff members join the company, they get intensive on-the-job training to ensure their best performance as team members. Due to that, our customers will always get excellent service at LF-TEAM, no matter who of the staff is attending their needs

ISO 9004 Quality Management Standard

Since 2010, when principles of QMS ISO 9004 were first introduced into the company, it has consistently been following them, and has been deepening the implementation of the System every year. ISO 9004 has practically become the basis of the company management, replacing the old traditional management style with its classical “vertical” hierarchy by advanced process-based approach and “horizontal” company structure. Main target data measured within QMS procedures are regularly made available to our customers.

Conveniences for customers

“Minimum formalities & paper work” is our company’s motto. Procedure of purchasing a translation from LF-TEAM is short and convenient: you simply e-mail your source document and within no more than two hours receive a clear Proposal describing all the works included, prices, total cost and the suggested delivery time (please note that the cost will never change after you once confirmed the order). After you accept the proposal via e-mail the Project Manager immediately starts working on your translation order.

Well-established internal procedures help us to be quick in our response and to focus entirely on the best client serving.

Also, with electronic information flows being dominant, we contribute to reducing paper waste and thus to environment protection.